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Earth Science | Life Science | Physical Science | Space Science | General Science | Science Fairs/Projects

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Earth Science

ArchaeOLogy: Clues from the Past

Biomes of the World

Drought for Kids

Earth: Our World in Motion

Earth Science Ace

Geology Literature Links

PaleontOLogy: The Big Dig!

Savage Earth

The Weather Underground

Volcanoes and Tectonic Plates


Life Science

Animal Information and Photographs

Biodidac Organismal Biology Images

Biodidac Histology Biology Images

Biodiversity: Everything Counts!

Biology Basics - tutorials

Biology Mad

BioChemHub – Online Biology/Chemistry Education Center

Cells Alive!

eNature Field Guides from Wildlife to Wildflowers

eQuarium: Live web cams from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Gene Scene!

Marine Biology: The Living Ocean

NOAA's National Ocean Service Education – coastal and ocean sciences

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

UN Atlas of the Oceans


Physical Science

BioChemHub – Online Biology/Chemistry Education Center


Periodic Table of the Elements

Physics Guide

Visual Interpretation of the Periodic Table of Elements

Water: H2O = Life!

Way to go, Einstein!


Space Science

Astronomy: Our Place in Space

Earth & Sky

Hubble's Gallery of the Universe


Mars: Exploration Rover Mission


The Nine Planets

Planetary Photojournal from NASA

Sky Watch

Views of the Solar System

Welcome to the Planets

Windows to the Universe


General Science Sites

Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects

Alliance to Save Energy for Kids

Astronauts' Biography Sites

Biographies of Women Scientists

Department of Energy for Students

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Information Administration for Kids


Energized Learning

The Energy Story


Exploring Leonardo

FactMonster Science

The Galileo Project - science bios

Invention at Play

Inventors' Biography Sites

NOVA: scienceNow


Online Activities by Exploratorium

Ranger Rick's Go Wild!

Sandlot Science

Science Fair Central

Science Fair Science Ideas

Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Science Fair Projects Online

Science Fair Project Ideas

Science News for Kids

Science of Sports

Scientists' Biography Sites

Scirus: a Scientific Search Engine

Successful Science Fair Projects

The Virtual Library: Science

Zoom Science by kids for kids


Science Fairs and Projects


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