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Social Studies

General Resources (K-6) | Myself (PK-K) | Family (1st) | Communities (2nd) | Cultures & Our Community (3rd) | Washington State (4th) | My Country (5th) | World Geography & Culture (6th)

General Resources (All Grades)

American Presidents

Digital History

Kent School District Social Studies Web Site

Popular Songs in American History

Inauguration 2009 Links page

IPL Presidents of the United States

Presidential Biographies

Presidents of the United States (scroll down)

Today in History from American Memories

U.S. Census Bureau State Facts

U.S. History and Children's Literature

United States History Image Library

United States Through Literature


Myself (Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten)

All About Me

All About Me Unit by

All About Myself by ProTeacher

Our Five Senses


Family (First Grade)

Family Lesson plans by ProTeacher

Family Theme by

How do I feel?

How To Be Cooperative

Our Family Tree: an Evolution Story


Communities (Second Grade)

Build a Neighborhood

Community Club: People and their jobs

Field Trip to the Park, the Library, or City Hall

Kids Next Door

Things to do in Your Town

Your Neighborhood and Beyond


Cultures and Our Community (Third Grade)

Native American Cultures

Native Americans (western U.S.A.)


Global Connections

Current Background Notes on Countries

Global Gang

Peace Corps Kids World


Washington State (Fourth Grade)


Stately Knowledge from Internet Public Library

This Week in State and Local History

Mount Rainier National Park

Washington Rural Heritage

Washington State symbols


Washington Facts and Maps

Washington Geography by

Washington State Geography and more


How Does Government Affect Me?


My Country: Exploration to Nation (Fifth Grade)


All About the Gold Rush

The End of the Oregon Trail

The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark) 1803

Explorers' Biographies

Discoverers and Explorers Web

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Gold Rush

North American Conquistadors 1500-1550

The Oregon Trail


The Trail of Tears 1830

Way Back! Gold Rush

Colonization / Settlement

13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies

The 13 American Colonies

Colonial Williamsburg

Jamestown Rediscovery

Portraits of Early Americans


Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents

Declaring Independence: A Short Movie

Liberty: The American Revolution

The Story of Independence Day & America's Birthday

Highlights of the American Revolution

Founding the Nation

The Charters of Freedom (and Founding Fathers)

The Declaration of Independence

Inside the Corps – Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project

George Washington's Mt. Vernon

The Trail of Tears – the removal of Cherokee from Georgia


World Geography & Culture (Sixth Grade)

Current Background Notes on Countries

Integrating World History with Literature

Maps of War

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