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What is Narrative Writing
This is a short, sweet and to the point website about WHAT narrative writing entails. This is a great site for teachers, parents and students grades K-8.

Ten Pre-Writing Exercises for Personal Narratives
Traci's 6th List of Ten, Ten Prewriting Exercises for Personal Narratives The idea is to ask students to think about the events that they narrate in a less typical way and then to use those thoughts to develop their narratives Excellent website for all elementary grades and middle grades, k-8.

Narrative Essay Prompts and Explanations
This site is mainly for teachers
and parents. Narrative Essay and Prompts, when you write a narrative essay, you are telling a story. Narrative essays are told from a defined point of view, often the author's, so there is feeling as well as specific and often sensory details provided to get the reader involved in the elements and sequence of the story. The verbs are vivid and precise. The narrative essay makes a point and that point is often defined in the opening sentence, but can also be found as the last sentence in the opening paragraph. This is a fabulous website for grades k-8.

Bibliography of Picture Literature for Narrative Writing
Annotated bibliography of children's literature that will serve both students and teachers as models of good picture literature for narrative writing.
This site also categorizes each of the picture books in the bibliography by which of the 6+ 1 traits that can be enhanced in writing. One last very helpful feature is that the author, who is a teacher, has included ideas for using the bibliography. This is wonderful for teachers in the primary grades, k-3.

6 Narrative Writing Prompts
For teachers, this site has 6 narrative writing prompts included that promote the critical thinking process. There are both fictional and non-fictional prompts. Geared towards grades 3-7, some prompts may also be utilized in other grades with a bit of work!

Lesson Plan Starting with Mapping a Scene in a Student's Life Fabulous lesson plan! Students will map a scene from their life, then write the scene incorporating details, an element of conflict or tension, dialogue, and private thoughts. Students will proceed through the stages of the writing process, peer-revising using questioning strategies.

Narrative Writing Integrated with Photography
Another great lesson plan! Steven Youra developed a writing and photography project for students in his Introduction to Language and Literature course. He delineated two goals for his project: (1) to improve students' writing by incorporating photography into descriptive and narrative writing exercises designed to inspire more varied and creative perspectives, and (2) to enhance visual as well as verbal literacy.

Lesson Plan- The Clever Compositions Club
Lesson Plan for narrative writing-The Clever Compositions Club-This teaching idea deals with composition writing in a new and amusing way.Have you ever thought of the great amount of work marking compositions involves? Donít you feel frustrated when your students read their marks (and thatís that!) the next day? Why not give them an insight into the whole process while catering for diversity at the same time? Read on! - Joan M Diez

Learning to Write Narratives
Learning to write Narratives (explaining yourself in a paragraph). This is a very simple and to the point lesson plan that is great for k-3 grades.

Narrative Writing 3-week Unit
Another great lesson plan, this one involves a three-week commitment. The objectives (as written by the author) are; Students will learn the stages of process writing. Students will learn to work cooperatively. Students will learn to critique. Students will incorporate software tools to enhance writing and problem solving skills.

Student Activity Writing a Personal Narrative
In this activity, students will write a personal narrative that is designed to help them reflect on the nature and meaning of change in their lives.

Narrative Writing Prompts
Narrative essay prompts geared toward the older grades but can easily be adapted for younger grades. There are 11 prompts with great detail to promote critical thinking!

Narrative Writing Prompts
This web site includes six sample prompts for practicing narrative writing. But it goes beyond just a prompt site by adding the following; not all are simple paragraphs; other forms, such as a friendly letter, are included. Text in italics indicates important pre-writing and writing steps to follow when responding to a prompt.

Extra-Curricular Writing Activities
This is a fabulous web site for parents and children that are interested in extra-curricular writing activities. A quick introduction has been provided below.Welcome to the KidLit Web
Site, designed for kids (mostly) and for adults interested in quality children's literature. We offer all kids an opportunity to see their works published on the worldwide web. We welcome any submissions in electronic form, either by email or by output from a word processor. All submissions must be in a PC-compatible format.

Social Studies and Writing
This site has direct social studies integration. It is specifically designed for a WWII Holocaust unit and would be wonderful if you are studying this part of world history.

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