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Grammar Gorillas
This is a fun interactive sites for teachers to take their students to, to polish up on their grammar skills. Students will play games with the Grammar Gorillas. Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. And you know, a gorilla with a banana is a gorilla with appeal. Fabulous site for the teaching the primary grades and reteaching the intermediate grades.

Basic Grammar Skills
This site has an extensive list of different activities and basic grammar help. It includes interactive activities as well as definitions. This site may take some time to navigate through but it can be very helpful for all ages!

PowerPoint Presentations starring Grammar!
Teachers, here are a few great PowerPoint presentations for you to use with your students for teaching or re-teaching grammar strategies. There are several PowerPoint presentations available within the Guide to Grammar and Writing. Wonderful for all age groups!

Preposition Advice
This is a wonderful page full of preposition advice and examples. There are no activities to physically do, but it will be a wonderful teaching tool. A print out of prepositions is available here. This site is geared more towards the intermediate grades.

Grammar Quizzes On-line
This page has an extensive library of quizzes for students to take. There is 170 different grammar quizzes. I recommend that you visit the site before sending students to it, and send your intermediate students here! This is a great place for parents and students to go for extra practice!

Houghton Mifflin's Grammar and Writing Site
Houghton Mifflin has put together a page for students to help them with their grammar and writing. This is a great site for students to navigate through and familiarize themselves with. This site is geared towards grades k-5.

Grammar Crosswords
This award-winning site is recommended for both teachers and students. The puzzles here relate to all different subject areas including grammar. The puzzles can be printed out or completed online, with answer keys to follow. In order to complete the puzzles online the computer being used must have Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator versions 4 or higher.

Grammar Bytes Interactive Website
Included in this site are interactive activities, grammar rules and hand-outs for students and teachers. It is called Grammar Bytes and is for late primary and intermediate classrooms. Fabulous for at home practice!

Buzzword Sponge Activity
Teachers, this is called Buzzword. It would be a great 5-minute activity to start (or end) a language arts block with. You receive the Buzzword of the day. Included are what part of speech it is, its definition and examples of how it can be used! Great sponge activity also!  

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