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Our Documents 

This site has the top one hundred documents from U.S. History.  Although the site is not searchable by subject, documents are presented in chronological order.  This site is hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

American Memory

Excellent site for locating primary source materials of all sorts regarding life in the United States.  Sponsored by the Library of Congress this site has both lesson plans using primary sources as well as fully searchable databases of extensive collections of photos, music, manuscripts, newspaper articles, etc.  Also has a “This Day in History” section that usually features two different events with pictures and text for each day.

Making of America

A digital library of primary source material from the antebellum through reconstruction period in U.S. History.  Contains more than 50,000 separate documents, many of them text.  Easily searchable.

Gilder Lehrman Digital History 

This site is excellent for U.S. History.  It has a search engine, interactive history, reference room (articles, court cases, documents, films, maps, music, speeches, timelines, websites, etc.), and resources by periods (exploration to the present) and topics (education, family, film, labor, legal, Science & Technology, slavery, women, etc.)


The Learning Page

Already prepared lessons based on using primary source materials for U.S. History.  Divided by themes, units/lessons include teachers guides.  Some link to literature as well.

The Digital Classroom (teacher resource –US)

Already developed lessons to assist teachers in using primary source documents as part of their classroom materials.  Some lessons are single lessons based around one event and others contain several days worth of material.  Sponsored by NARA.


Worksheets to Analyze Primary Documents-Written documents, photographs, cartoons, posters, maps, artifacts, sound recordings, motion pictures

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