Skeletal/Muscle Video & Activity

What This is and Does Video: The Skeletal and Muscular Systems (The Skeletal System - 12:09) reviews the bones of a human body, how bones change over time, bone structure, joints, and more. Uses diagrams with labels.
Video: The Skeletal and Muscular Systems (The Muscular System - 5:28) reviews muscles and bones working together, types of muscles, and how muscles work. Uses diagrams with labels.

Scaffolds for review are included below. They cover both cover knowledge and comprehension questions.

Recommended Class Grouping Videos could be viewed by the whole class as one or two lessons. The scaffolds should be done as partner students or individually. They could be done together or each could be a separate lesson.
Use with Investigation Use with Investigations #1 and #2 respectively.
Ease of Use Simple for teacher and students. Teacher should be comfortable with the United Streaming log in process.
How to Access Video:  Click on this link to The Skeletal and Muscular Systems .
A new window will open. The Discovery Education streaming site may ask you to log on with your school name and password. (Codes are available from your building Librarian or ITS.) If so, you may need to return to this page and click the link above once more. U.S. will then take you to a list of pieces incorporated in this one video. Click once on each individual large S to stream the video to your computer. The video will play in a new window. If streaming time becomes an issue, teachers may right click on the large D to download the components to your computer. Then show the video by double clicking on each downloaded file.
When done, close that Explorer window.

Scaffolds for Review of Videos:

Note: To type directly into any of these scaffolds, go to File, Save As, and have students save to their server area as a Microsoft Word document. You may also do this yourself, saving to the student template area, to have students open their activity/program directly. Your building Instructional Tech Specialists may assist you with this.

(Created & reviewed by Dana Standlee and Becky Keene.)

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