The Parts of a Plant

What This is and Does These are two simple, non-typing activities in Word where students label/identify plant parts.
Recommended Class Grouping The scaffolds are meant to be done individually or in pairs.
Use with Investigation Use with Investigation 1 as an extension. 
Ease of Use Teachers can do this with very easily as a single lesson. The documents are forms, where students either pick from:
bulletIdentify - a drop down menu for each part of a plant
bulletLabel - move a number/label to the correct part of the plant picture
Pictures can then be printed without saving.
How to Access

Click here to open either document:

Note: To save any of these documents, go to File, Save As, and have students save to their server area as a Microsoft Word document.

To save student time and confusion, you may also save this document to the student template area, to have students open their activity/program directly, rather than through the web. Your building Instructional Tech Specialists may assist you with this.

(Created & reviewed by Amy Bateman and Ashley Pak.)

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