Solids & Liquids Video


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  Solids, Liquids and Gases Video Clips

What This is and Does This is a website that connects to this unit. Select the "Solids" and "Liquids" clips for a first look at properties.
Recommended Class Grouping This should be done as a whole class activity and could be a single lesson or spread over several lessons.
Use with Investigation Use with all Investigations 1-4 to introduce and/or review kit content.
Ease of Use Simple for student and teacher. Teacher should become comfortable with the log in process.
How to Access

Click on this link to Solids, Liquids & Gases.

A new window will open. The Discovery Education streaming site may ask you to log on with your school name and password. (Codes are available from your building Librarian or ITS.) If so, you may need to return to this page and click the link above once more.

It  will take you to a list of pieces incorporated in this one video. Click once on each individual large S to stream the video to your computer.  If streaming time becomes slow, teachers may right click on the large D to download the components to your computer. Then show the video by double clicking on each downloaded file.

When done, close that Explorer window.

(Selected & reviewed by Ashley Pak)

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