The Upper Room, John Biggers
Dynamism of a Cyclist (1913), Umberto Boccioni
La Place Clichy (1912) Pierre Bonnard
The Open Window, Pierre Bonnard
Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli
Wedding Dance in the Open Air (1607), Pieter Brueghel the younger
The Emperor Augustus and the Trburtine Sibyl, Antoine Caron
I and My Village, Marc Chagall
Stormy Waters, Anna Cohron
Parade on Hammond St, Allen Crite
The Oath of the Horatii, Jacques Louis David
Ballet School, Edgar Degas
Horse Frightened by the Storm, Eugene Delacroix
I saw the Figure Five in Gold (1928), Charles Demuth
Baccarrat Party, Raoul Dufy
The Bay of Angels (1927), Raoul Dufy
Mediterranean Scene, Raoul Dufy
Mermaid and Sail Boats, Raoul Dufy
The Race Track (1928), Raoul Dufy
Regatta, Raoul Dufy
San Giorgio Maggiore, Raoul Dufy
Turning Stake Boat, Thomas Eakins
Peaceful Navigation (1946), Feininger
Upper Weimer, Feininger
Blue Atmosphere, Helen Frankanthalar
Le Port de Dieppe, Othon Friesz
Inland Cove, Henry Gasser
Surf, Sand and Rocks, Henry Gasser
Femmes de Tahiti, Paul Gaugin
Luxembourg Gardens (1904), William J. Glackens
The Bullfight, Francisco Goya
Saint Martin and the Beggar, El Greco
The Door, David Hammons
Questionable Companions, H.W. Hansen
Fox Island, Marsden Hartley
A Wedding in the Thirties, Edward Lamson Henry
The Peaceable Kingdom, Edward Hicks
A Sudden Shower at Ohashi, Ando Hiroshige
Snap the Whip (1872), Winslow Homer
The Pantry (The Cellar Room-ca.1658), Peter de Hooch
An Interior with a Woman Drinking with Two Men and a Maid Servant, Peter de Hooch
Seven A.M. (1948), Edward Hopper
The Traveler, Pierre Ino
Composition Storm, Wassily Kandinsky
Improvisation 35 (1914), Wassily Kandinsky
Indian Story, Wassily Kandinsky
Lyrisches(Lyric-Man on a Horse), Wassily Kandinsky
La Belle Jardiner (1939), Paul Klee
Senecio: Head of a Man, Paul Klee
Sinbad the Sailor, Paul Klee
On the Wing, Koson
Ducks, Walt Kuhn
Tiger, Kyosai
Deer, Stork on the Wing and Plum, Japanese Kyoto School
Before the Start, Lapicque
Depot chez Kleinmann, Lautrec
Monsieur Boileau Au Cafe, Lautrec
Quadrille at the Moulin Rouge (1892), Lautrec
Troupe de Mlle Eglantine, Lautrec
The Masked Ball, Lautrec
Parade, Jacob Lawrence
Boy with a Tire (1952), Smith Lee
Millner's Shop on the Promenade (1914), August Macke
Circus Horses (1936), John Marin
Ete, la Plage des Sables d'Olonne, Albert Marquet
The Angelus, Millet
Les Glaneuses (The Gleaners), Millet
Composition (1930), Joan Miro
Composition (1963), Joan Miro
Woman in a Garden, Claude Monet
Knockout, Moreau
Skating in the Bois de Bologne, Berthe Morisot
Blues 1929, Archibald Motley
Christmas Eve '62, Thomas Nast
Skating on the Dike, Aart Van der Neer
Ranchos Church, Georgia O'Keeffe
Justice, Faith, Hope, and Peace (1969), Joseph Overstreet
Circus, Max Pechstein
Lobster and Cat, Pablo Picasso
Le Moulin de la Galette (1900), Pablo Picasso
Les Soupeurs, Pablo Picasso
The Domino Players (1943), Horace Pippin
Les Quais a Raven, Pissaro
Village Market, Pissaro
Rebus (1955), Robert Rauschenberg
Night Watch, van Rijn Rembrandt
"Turn Him Loose, Bill," Frederic Remington
The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Pierre Auguste Renoir
The Washerwomen
The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale (1878), John Singer Sargent
Fishing Boats in Calm Weather, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
Eagle, Sekkyo
Bull, Sekkyo
Circus (Le Cirque), Georges Seurat
Honfleur Harbour, Georges Seurat
January 18 to February 12, Ben Shahn
March 3-28, Ben Shahn
Still Music, Ben Shahn
Revue 1908, Everett Shinn
White Birds Flying in Snow, Sho-son
L'inondation a Port Marly, Alfred Sisley
Haymarket, Sloan
Dancers, M. Soyer
The Town of Enkhuizen, Springer
The Brooklyn Bridge, Joseph Stella
Two Heads, Rufino Tamayo
The Rock Palace, Yves Tanguy
Tree, Bob Thompson
Carnival Scene (Minuet)-ca.1754, Domenico Tiepolo
Battle between the Turks and the Christians, Jacopo Tintoretto
Interior and Winter Landscape; a Gay Party; Men and Geisha, Utagawa Toyoharu
Geisha and Maid, Utagawa Toyokuni
Boats Carrying Out Anchors to the Dutch Men of War, James Mallord William Turner
Rockets and Blue Lights, James Mallord William Turner
The Battle of San Romano, Paolo Uccello
In Front of the Chateau of Chastelloux (1932), Maurice Utrillo
La Maison Bernot (1924), Maurice Utrillo
La Rue de Mont Cenis, Maurice Utrillo
Rue de Montmartre, Maurice Utrillo
Bridge at Arles, Vincent Van Gogh
The Railroad Bridge at Trinquetaille, Vincent Van Gogh
Room at Arles, Vincent Van Gogh
Tridem K, Victor Vasarely
Zebegan, Victor Vasarely
The Letter, Johannes Vermeer
The Old Port of Marseille, Maurice de Vlaminck
Bird of the Alps, Charles Walch
Poor Man's Cotton (1944), Hale Woodruff
Waiting for the Stage (1851), Richard Caton Woodville