Technology Integration

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Managing Classroom Resources: a class for teachers

Included below are links to information presented in the Managing Classroom Resources class for those who would like to learn on their own time.

Home – Learn on your own with these online tutorials.

HardwareIncludes information on desktop computers, wireless laptop carts, projectors, digital video production stations, digital still cameras, scanners, scheduling equipment, purchasing equipment and activities.

ManagementHelps with placement of computers, labeling computers, making signage and directions for computer use, movement of students, ways for students to signal for assistance, and activities.

Grouping Ideas for using computers with a whole group (and a projector), with small groups, with partners, or students on an individual computer.

InstructionThis area offers Technology Integration Resources, software resources, software purchasing, instructional strategies and activities.

Support Contact information for school Technology Integration specialists, building colleagues, technology mentor teachers (formerly TOSAs), customer support center, and online tutorials will be found on this page.

Next Steps For those teachers desiring extra training, this area provides information about technology professional development and staff development classes.