Technology Integration

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Forms for Teachers

Internet-related Forms:

Request to Block or Unblock an Internet SitePlease complete this document if you are requesting a change in the current filtering status (blocked or unblocked) of a site on the Internet.

Software Review RequestThis form must be completed if you wish a new piece of software to be considered for use in the district.

Submitting Student Work for UploadingIf you have a need to upload student videos to the District presence on Discovery Education streaming, complete this form.

Copyright-related Forms:

Quick permission form – Use this form if you need permission from someone you know.

Permission form for modelsWhen pictures, images or videos of other people are used in your work, you need to seek permission from them. Use this Release Form for Models.

Permission form for music and/or video When using a portion of someone else's video or music in your projects, use this form to ask the copyright holder permission to use their property.

Permission form for Web site If you copy a portion or all of someone else's web site and incorporate it into your work (and not just link to their site), use this form to secure permission.

Other Forms:

Videoconferencing Request Form To schedule a videoconference at your school, fill out and return the attached form.