Technology Integration

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Technology in the Classroom (info formerly on the orange page)

The Kent School District offers a variety of resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Below, and also on the navigation bar to the right, you will find links to lesson plans, lesson units, information on research processes, and links. These links offer many helpful resources to help teachers enrich their lessons and engage their students.

Technology Integration in the Classroom descriptions and links:

Collaborative opportunities for teams of teachers to create valuable technology integration units for their classrooms.

Intel Teach to the Future Units

The KSD Intel units are located on the KSD-staff (V:) drive. Double-click on Tech Integration and then Intel. See also Intel Unit and Project Plans – selected units from teachers across the United States and beyond.

Math Lessons and Resources

Online Resources for Research

Kent School District subscribes to online resources for student and teacher use including netTrekker (K-12 search engine), ProQuest (secondary),  eLibrary (secondary), CultureGrams (all grades), eLibrary elementary (elementary), Discovery Education streaming (K-12 digital video & image library), and ABC-CLIO (high school social studies).


KSD offers a Scaffolding for Learning class where participants learn why scaffolding student learning is important and how to create scaffolds for classroom use. Includes instruction on hidden text, embedded documents, forms, hyperlinking, interactive pictures and more. KSD teacher-created ready-to-use templates & activities that support student learning are available on the internal Team Site.

SchoolKiT edClass

The District subscribes to this resource to provide quick and easy access to over 550 learning modules that make integrating technology into your curriculum easy to do. These lessons and tutorials, at the edClass by SchoolKiT site, often using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are well aligned with or can be modified to meet District learning objectives. Get more information from KSD's edClass site and see teacher-reviewed Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Math lessons.

On navigation bar to the right:
  • The Big6 Research Process – Information, links, and descriptions for all steps of the Big6 Research Process to use with students.

  • K-6 Social Studies Information Literacy Units — These quality technology-infused social studies/information literacy units are inquiry-based rather than topic-based. They are designed using a Big6 or Super3 research approach. These units support Kent elementary teachers as they implement the district Social Studies curriculum, integrate technology into the curriculum, and foster the role of librarian as instructional partner.

  • K-6 Technology-Integrated Units — These K-6 technology-integrated units were developed for use by Kent School District teachers with technology in mind as a way of providing completed units directly correlated with current KSD curriculum. Many units also have extensions and are very appropriate for experienced as well as novice technology users. Each unit focuses on a curriculum topic combined with technology that meets the KSD technology standards at that grade level.

  • Math — Designed to help teachers integrate online tools into their math lessons in a meaningful and effective manner.

  • Science — General resources for grades K-12.

  • Useful Technology-Integration Resource Links — Links to outside web sites that may be helpful for integrating technology into the classroom.