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The Big6 Research Process

The Big6™ provides a framework for teaching information literacy skills in the Kent School District.

Explore this site for an introduction to teaching information and technology literacy with The Big6 strategies, resources for teaching the individual Big6 skills (see below), resources for teaching  The Super3™,  and useful follow-up assessment tools. Janet Murray has developed a Big6 Matrix aligning The Big6 to AASL and ISTE NETS national standards (with 2007 updates and great links).



Below are the six steps students use in this process.

Task Definition

  • Define the information problem
  • identify information needed to complete the task

Information Seeking Strategies

  • Determine all possible sources
  • Select the best sources

Location and Access

  • Locate sources (intellectually and physically)
  • Find information within sources

Use of Information

  • Engage (e.g. read, hear, view, touch)
  • Extract relevant information


  • Organize information from multiple sources
  • Present the information


  • Judge the product (effectiveness)
  • Judge the process (efficiency)
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