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Technology Tutorials and Resources

Additional Tutorials and Resources


KSD = Tutorial created by Kent School District staff

Adobe Acrobat
  • KSD Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Tutorial – learn to create PDF documents to put online, including how to make fill-outable PDF forms. Turn your Microsoft Word (and other) documents into quick Web pages and keep the formatting, fonts and colors for easy viewing and printability.

  • FillAnyPDF – Free PDF Editor to share forms & Collect Data. No software to download.

Grading TechTips for Educator Access Plus
Multiple Subjects
  • KCTS Programs and LessonsFree online classes on both technology and other subjects. Credit and clock hours offered. Modules offered in Language Arts, Learning and Teaching, Mathematics, and Technology
  • Blue Web'Nhighly rated education links from Pacific Bell
  • TeacherTube Online community for sharing instructional videos that provides more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers and where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill.
  • Internet 4 ClassroomsTechnology integration and technology skill resources. Learn to use and integrate many programs — not just Internet-based ones — including Inspiration, HyperStudio, PowerPoint, Photoshop and more by clicking on the Online Practice Modules. Their main home page also includes links to education journals, ideas for using the Internet, WebQuests and more
  • Smart Academy Session PDF WorkshopsThese workshops were taught during the resident Smart Tools sessions. Sites listed provide resources, examples, ideas, and programs for implementing technology professional development in your school building
  • Adobe in Education: Resources for Instructors and StudentsAdobe makes such products as Photoshop, GoLive, PageMill, Illustrator and PageMaker. Searchable database of tutorials for teachers covering various applications. Includes QuickTime movies to demonstrate concepts
Photoshop Elements

  • KSD Scaffolding for Learning – Participants learn why scaffolding student learning is important and how to create scaffolds for classroom use. Includes instruction on hidden text, embedded documents, forms, hyperlinking, interactive pictures and more. KSD teacher-created ready-to-use templates & activities that support student learning are available on the internal Team Site.

Technology Integration
  • KSD Technology Integration – Kent School District lessons and resources for technology curriculum integration
  • Connected Teacherthis is a place where teachers can share interesting ideas and lessons; a worldwide community of educators who share ideas and help each other to integrate technology in the classroom
  • Intel's Teacher Cornera free, interactive Web-based course teaching the fundamentals of how technology can work in the classroom. Includes tips by teachers on how they use technology
  • International NetCourse Teacher Enhancement Coalition Project (INTEC)NTEC is an online professional development course that introduces inquiry-based teaching and learning to mathematics and science classrooms. Option to receive college credit for a fee; otherwise free